Get to know the Bellas


Support Group.

The main goal why seven complete strangers came together as a group, to be each other’s support system as we discover our way through the world of beautiful handwriting through inky hands, letter forms and paper pads. One of the questions we constantly ourselves is, “where can I get this ink/nib/paper?” That sole question spun the idea of expanding the group to be an online haven of calligraphy needs. And woke up the true hoarders in each of us. 

Our mission: To inspire, ignite and spread the love of the art of calligraphy by increasing the availability and accessibility of these writing essentials. 


The "Bellas"

La Bella Scrittura is a group of seven girls from different walks of life but share the same fervor and enthusiasm for all things calligraphy. 

Joannie is a wedding video editor, photographer, calligrapher and watercolorist but in reality, a slave of 3 humans and 2 cats and an enabler of awesome stuff. (IG: /joanniecandi)

Gail, an MD by day, a calligrapher by night with a double major in OC-ness and hoarding. She fell in love with broad nib calligraphy first but recently got her heart stolen by pointed nib as well... Now she does not know what to do. (IG: /the_md_writes)

When not busy pondering on life's important aspects like how to gain weight and how to grow tall(er) at this stage in her life,  Aileen busies herself with training and development during work hours. In between, she's out to tell the world that calligraphy and lefties are not like oil and water. Who said that anyway? (IG: /theleftieadvantage)

Katia is a corporate slave by day. She likes self studying and is a self proclaimed nerd. When all else fails, give her a cup of McDonald's coffee. (IG: /thedesignhobbyist)

Jamie is a tiny girl, juggling her time as an Engineering student and part time calligrapher. Aside from calligraphy, she also loves typography, paper cutting, music and everything creative in between. She seeks adventure and she longs to travel the world, collecting bits and pieces of it along the way. (IG: /seabearwrites)

Berna is a Psychology graduate who finds happiness in her tech pens, calligraphy nibs, crochet hooks, and brushes. She loves writing, doodling, anything in music and arts. A self taught calligrapher and a big fan of awesome stuff and anything handmade. (IG: /forevernostalgia)

Charm loves anything made by hand, appreciates the crafter's hardwork. She is a lazybone since birth, but then was inspired to finally moderate them. Reinvented herself, a self taught calligrapher, watercolorist and a gastronome. She now believes that boredom is failure. (IG: /_inklovewithpen)


What We Offer

We currently carry various types of pointed calligraphy nibs like Hunt, Gillott, Esterbrook, G nibs, Manuscript and Brause. While the choices could be overwhelming, not all nibs provide the same output. Not sure what to use? Send an email our way, details can be found here. New to calligraphy? Check out our Beginner’s Choice in our homepage

For calligraphy inks, we carry a variety of hues from Winsor and Newton, Dr. Martin’s and Higgins.

Looking for an item that’s currently not on hand? We also accept pre orders for other calligraphy products. Pre order forms and price list can be found in the navigation links on top of the page.

All product offerings are found in the COLLECTIONS page.